Arts and Cultural Strategy Coordinator, Strategic Communications
Josh Clark profile picture
Political Participation Analyst
Chief of Staff
Takiyah Franklin
Faculty Research Cluster Coordinator
headshot of Arthur Gailes
Fair Housing Coordinator, Opportunity Mapping Project, Equity Metrics
Photo of Sara Grossman
Communications and Media Specialist, Strategic Communications
Associate Director
Ayketa Iverson headshot
Project Coordinator for Civic Engagement Narrative Change
GIS/Demographic Analyst, Equity Metrics
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Assistant to the Director
Tomas WhiteAntelope
Business and Operations Assistant

Senior Fellows

Victor Pineda
Senior Research Fellow
Senior Fellow
Stephen Rosenbaum
Visiting Researcher Scholar

Research Assistant And Student Fellows

Erica Browne
Graduate Student Researcher
Annie Sloan
Research Assistant
Nicole Cotton
Research Assistant
Sean Reyes
Research Assistant , Othering & Belonging
Research Assistant
Research Fellow , Global Justice
Jessica Chen
Web Editing Associate , Strategic Communications
Sana Mayat
Research Assistant