Screw Consent: Horses, Corpses, Kink & Cannibals

C125 Chiet Hall, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley campus
October 19, 2017
4pm - 6pm

When it comes to sex, why are we magnetized by consent? Instead of renovating consent to make it sexy, affirmative, or enthusiastic, Professor Joseph Fischel argues we should get rid of it, at least for our sexual justice activism. By interrogating sex on the margins—sex that is atypical, non-normative, or just weird—Fischel shores up several ways consent is insufficient for ethically gauging what we think of as ordinary sex in its typically heterosexual, typically couple form. Once we relax our allegiance to consent, what other values might help us realize a more democratically hedonic sexual culture?

Joseph Fischel is an associate professor of Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies at Yale University.

This talk will be the first of a new colloquium series launched by the Haas Institute called "Research to Impact."

Read more about the series and see a list of upcoming speakers here.