Just Public Finance

Currently, the economy enforces the marginalization of many groups, including the current and formerly incarcerated, refugees and immigrants, children and seniors living in poverty, people who are disabled and ill, and Latino/a, Black, African American, and poor men and women.

The struggle for a fair society is building momentum, pushing toward the beautiful horizon of equity and inclusivity. This horizon and vision is shaped by a landscape of a transformed economy. A fair distribution of economic power and resources is a necessary component of an inclusive society. A fair and inclusive economy can ameliorate long histories of marginalization and expand the vision of a just and inclusive society. To get there, we seek transformative change.

The Just Public Finance program pursues work within three complimentary domains.

  • Public Finance

  • Global Financial System

  • Debt and Credit Systems

Just Public Finance produces research, analysis, policy, and a vision. The program contributes to transformative change in these ways:

  • Identifying the structural flaws in public finance that perpetuate financial instability

  • Identifying the current functions of credit and debt and reimagining systems of financial opportunity and power

  • Supporting local efforts and issue campaigns to provide immediate relief through transactional changes to ameliorate the day-to-day suffering inflicted by public finance crises

  • Identifying the ways financialization should inform efforts to create equity and inclusion

  • Promoting popular understanding of financialization and its influence

  • Building and supporting thoughtful intervention strategies to generate just financial systems

A public finance system, fair systems of credit and debt, and a long term change agenda anchored in an understanding of financialization can contribute to the struggle for equity and inclusion.