Erin Kerrison on the Costs and Benefits of Addiction Diagnosis

Room C325, Earl F. Cheit Hall, Haas School of Business
October 20, 2017
12pm - 1:30pm

Title of the talk: “The Costs and Benefits of an Addiction Diagnosis: A Critical Look at Racial Disparities in Prison-Based Drug Treatment Rhetoric Buy-In”

Erin Kerrison is an assistant professor of Social Welfare at UC Berkeley. Her work extends from a legal epidemiological framework, wherein law and legal institutions operate as social determinants of health. Specifically, through varied agency partnerships, her mixed-method research agenda investigates the impact that compounded structural disadvantage, concentrated poverty and state supervision has on service delivery, substance abuse, violence and other health outcomes for individuals and communities marked by criminal justice intervention.

This talk is a part of a new colloquium series launched by the Haas Institute called "Research to Impact."

Read more about the series and see a list of upcoming speakers here.