California Community Partnerships

The Haas Institute partners with community-based organizations to ensure that members of marginalized communities have the resources, tools, and power to be meaningfully involved in transforming the structures that shape community opportunity and belonging.

We develop rigorous community-engaged research, trainings, and communications tools that are integrated with our partners' grassroots organizing and leadership development strategies. This produces analysis, policy, and strategies shaped by the direct experience and vision of affected community members, and the insights of scientific and technical research. We choose partnerships based on shared values and goals, and the potentially transformative nature of the partnership's impact. 

We currently have three major projects:

Richmond Partnerships

Through partnerships with grassroots community groups in Richmond, CA, the Haas Institute is enhancing capacity for local policy innovation and community-based strategies to further transformative change. The partnerships have focused on anchor institution strategies related to the development of the Berkeley Global Campus, and broader housing and development strategies to prevent displacement and ensure inclusive opportunity.

Leap Forward

We believe it is now possible not just to end poverty, but to ensure that everyone can prosper.  And we believe we can only achieve this historic goal by ending racial exclusion and reimagining how we work together through government. The Leap Forward Project is dedicated to facilitating the research and development of innovative ideas to tackle extreme inequality and drive enduring prosperity.   We work collaboratively beyond silos with community organizations, labor unions, issue advocates and think tanks and provocative thought leaders across California.

California Narratives

There are many ways to tell the story of how California got to where it is today and what is at stake in its transformation. A more coherent “meta-narrative” could give Californians an avenue to create stronger ties across distinct but interconnected campaigns, communities, and movements. Recognizing this need, the Haas Institute and a network of partners have embarked on a multi-layered process combining the best of community engagement, field organizing, academic, and policy expertise to develop, test, refine and operationalize a California meta-narrative.

California community partnerships TEAM

Heather Bromfield, Researcher, Equity Metrics, California Community Partnerships
Mark Gomez, Manager, California Community Partnerships
Eli Moore, Program Manager, California Community Partnerships
Derrick Duren, Research Assistant
EJ Toppin, Graduate Student Researcher
Evan Bissell, Project Manager
Nwamaka Agbo, Project Manager