Talk on the anti-Sharia Movement in the US

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October 16, 2017
4pm PST

Within the broader context of rising Islamophobia, this presentation sheds light on the legalized othering of Muslim communities across the United States via anti-Muslim legislation and bills spanning the years 2000-2016. With a focus on the anti-Sharia movement in the US, the findings of the United States of Islamophobia database and corresponding research report (developed by the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley) are presented to highlight how anti-Sharia bills have advanced a more organized, contemporary Islamophobia movement in the US over the last decade.

On behalf of the Haas Institute, Rhonda Itaoui will present the key report findings on the themes, patterns and trends of these anti-Sharia bills, while exploring the discriminatory impacts of anti-Sharia legislation on the citizenship and belonging of Muslim Americans, and American society at large. The session will also feature a Q&A segment with lead investigators and co-authors of the recent report Legalizing Othering: The United States of Islamophobia, Elsadig Elsheikh and Basima Sisemore from the Haas Institute.

Rhonda will be giving the talk from the Western Sydney University campus in Australia on Tuesday, October 17 at 10am Sydney time (which is Monday, October 16 at 4pm Berkeley time), while the Q&A by Elsadig and Basima will take place via video link from their offices at UC Berkeley.

The talk can be viewed via this link.

Download the event flier here.