Suparna Bhaskaran


Suparna Bhaskaran is a Researcher at Just Public Finance.

Prior to joining Haas, she worked on crafting a multi-state research project on the impact of structurally unfair credit and debt (in particular payday, housing and student debt) on low to moderate-income women of color. More broadly, this was a study of how the "financialization of the household" continues to transfer wealth to the financial industry and magnifies and renews existing racialized and gendered economic inequality. She is currently part of a national initiative, Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap, to advance policies and strategies that build wealth/opportunities for low to moderate income women and women of color.

Suparna has a background in Public Policy, Anthropology, and Gender Studies and has been a professor at Antioch College, Ohio Wesleyan University, and Agnes Scott College.  She has a BA in Sociology and a PhD in Cultural/Medical Anthropology from Michigan State University.

In addition to her work in the academy, Suparna has policy experience in government and community organizations. Her health policy work has focused on Medicaid Expansion within the contexts of US state and municipal austerity and in the expansion of affordable healthcare for uninsured individuals.

Her interests include economic inequality, intersectionality, health policy, development studies, women of color feminisms, LGBTQ communities, work and labor studies.