Rhonda Itaoui

Research Fellow

Rhonda Itaoui is a Research Fellow with the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, working in the Global Justice program on Islamophobia and the exclusion of Muslims in the West. As a former Summer Fellow, she is developing a robust and interactive Annotated Bibliography resource guide on Islamophobia in North America. In addition to her appointment as a fellow, she is in the final year of a PhD program in Social Sciences at Western Sydney University in Australia, and a Visiting Scholar at the UC Berkeley Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project. Her international PhD fieldwork explores the impact of globalized Islamophobia on the spatial mobility of young Muslims in the California Bay Area, and Sydney, Australia, with her Sydney findings featured in two recently peer-reviewed articles, "The Geography of Islamophobia in Sydney: Mapping the Spatial Imaginaries of young Muslims," and "Media Representations of Racism and Spatial Mobility: Young Muslim (Un)belonging in a Post-Cronulla Riot Sutherland."