john a. powell to facilitate National Forum on Family Philanthropy conference panel

Washington DC
October 18, 2017
6:30pm - 9:00pm

Haas Director john a. powell will be facilitating a panel on race and equity during a plenary session at the 2017 National Forum on Family Philanthropy annual conference.

Conversations and clashes around race and equity are becoming more common in our communities, in the media, and in philanthropy. We're confronting the fact that, for far too many of our African American neighbors, gaps in SES progress are still driven by race and history. It is tough to work to face our hidden biases and the systemic biases around us, and to turn new understanding into action. In this special session, several of your peers will discuss their own journeys of learning and adaptation. They'll share how their organizations began discussing racial equity challenges, how their journeys have progressed, and the results so far for their families, organizations, and philanthropy

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