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Civic Engagement Narrative Change is partnering with the Haas Institute’s podcast show, Who Belongs?, to develop a series of shows that feature interviews with leading thinkers, activists, and organizers involved in civic engagement work. The thinkers and doers featured in these podcast episodes bring innovative, under-represented perspectives and insights to bear on conventional approaches to outreach, registration and mobilization, both in the electoral and 2020 Census contexts. They challenge listeners from a variety of fields of practice--from organizing to communications to philanthropy--to think differently about how to reshape structures in a way that allows for everyone in society to meaningfully participate.


Desmond Meade on the Victory to Regain Voting Rights in Florida


Abandonment in Detroit with Peter Hammer and Amina Kirk


The Stakes for the 2020 Census with Michael Omi and Stephen Menendian


Engaging Asian Pacific Islanders, with Luisa Blue of the SEIU


Voter Suppression in Georgia, with Robert Greenwald and Carol Anderson