Phuong Tseng

GIS/Spatial Analysis Assistant

Phuong Tseng is a GIS/Spatial Analysis Assistant to Samir Gambhir where their work concentrates on examining social injustices in geospatial data and presenting them as maps, tables and charts using GIS, Microsoft Office, Infographics and InDesign. Prior to working at the Haas Institute, Phuong worked as a GIS Lab Assistant with the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley, Residential Assistant, SAW Advisory Board Advisor and Peer Educator at Mills College where Phuong received their Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Phuong is a first generation college student who identifies as genderqueer using singular they, their, them, and sometimes she and her as gender pronouns. Thus, Phuong's social justice leadership takes on an intersectional approach that focuses on race, gender, sexuality, and first generation identities. Phuong is passionate and enthusiastic about creating a more inclusive and just world through the use of radio podcasts, documentaries, flash mobs and social justice dialogues.