Natalia Ramírez Lee is a law student at the University of California, Berkeley. She received a Coblentz Civil Rights Fellowship and is researching islamophobic legislation in the United States as part of a project led by the Global Justice program at the Haas Institute. She also researched the justifications for affirmative action programs in the United States as part of a project led by Professor David B. Oppenheimer. She served as Managing Editor of the Berkeley Journal of African American Law and Policy and worked as a legal intern at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in San José, Costa Rica and at the Center for Justice and Accountability in San Francisco. Natalia graduated magna cum laude from the Pace University where she majored in Economics, and worked Coordinating and Directing HIV prevention programs for immigrant women in New York City. She also served as Director of Human Resources for an environmental consulting company in Bogotá, Colombia for four years.