Nadia Barhoum is a researcher with the Haas Institute where she works in the Global Justice Program (GJP) and the California Community Partnerships Program. Her interests include food production and climate change, spatial politics, and community engagement strategies. Nadia’s work in the GJP investigates the influence of the corporate food system on local landscapes and communities and how to scale up sustainable alternatives to modern industrial agriculture. To support the Institute’s work in Richmond, she researches anchor institutions and how institutions can help eliminate structural barriers to opportunity within marginalized communities. She co-authored reports published by the Institute, including the Anchor Richmond report, in 2014 and Structural Racialization and Food Insecurity in the US in 2013.  

Nadia has previously worked at Human Rights Watch in the Middle East and North Africa Division, the Middle East Children's Alliance, and a local service-based NGO in East Jerusalem. She completed her BA in Political Economy and Middle Eastern Studies at UC Berkeley and was also an active student organizer on-campus. She completed her Master's degree in Research Architecture from Goldsmiths College at the University of London. Her thesis focused on the political economy of wheat production and resource management in Egypt. Beyond her office job, Nadia has been active in youth mentoring and organizing within transnational, diasporic Palestinian communities.