Hossein Ayazi

Research Assistant

Hossein Ayazi is a Research Assistant to Elsadig Elsheikh in the Haas Institute Global Justice Program where his work addresses U.S. and global food systems, globalization and neoliberalism, and structural racism. Hossein is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Society and Environment in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management. His dissertation, entitled “Future Farmers of America: The Agrarian Life of Race and U.S. Colonialism, 1928–Present,” investigates the historical and institutional operations of the “U.S. agrarian imaginary” with regard to U.S. settler colonialism, U.S. imperialism, and the racial regimes that encode and reproduce such formations of U.S. colonialism. Prior to joining the Haas Institute, Hossein worked with Phat Beets Produce in Oakland, Roots of Change in San Francisco, and the San Mateo County Food System Alliance.