Global Food System

Utilizing rigorous research, data analysis and visualization, and web 2.0 techniques, the Global Food System project focuses on public policies related to agriculture and food. It also aims to develop policy interventions to scale up alternative agricultural methods that incorporate food sovereignty for marginalized communities and Global South countries, gender and race equity, and climate sustainability by:

  • Establishing an interactive website to serve as an online public repository to visually represent the challenges and alternatives within the global food system, including the US.

  • Assessing the social, economic, ecological and political impact of systemic crises of food on countries and communities in the US and globally.

  • Engaging multiple stakeholders in the US and worldwide to analyze food policies and offer scalable alternatives and solutions to the larger food system.

  • Publishing educational toolkits that facilitate and raise awareness to inform public policies for positive social change, including food sovereignty, for marginalized communities and Global South countries.