Darren Arquero

Darren Arquero is Research Assistant to john a. powell where his work focuses on structural racialization, the mind sciences, Othering and belonging, and the circle of human concern. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Ethnic Studies with a Designated Emphasis in Gender & Women's Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, where he was the 2013 recipient of the Philip Brett LGBT Studies Fellowship. Darren's research interests include transnational feminist and queer theories/theologies, cultural politics of gender and sexuality, and Filipino American/diaspora studies. His academic work is informed by his activist background in queer religious organizing, coming from his participation with the 2010 Soulfource Equality Ride. Prior to joining the Haas Institute, Darren interned as a Network and Research Associate at Race Forward, working as the primary author for the report, "Better Together in the South: Building Movements across Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation." Darren is also an Associate Curator at the GLBT History Museum in San Francisco.